Zuzu Fenix is The 1st Daughter of Nasch and Mana Fenix Zuzu Like her Sister Ruri uses Her Mother's Maiden name Ruri Possess a bracelet given to her by her father like the rest of her sisters she is aware of her father's history behind the locust war


Zuz is Like Rin Being Scolding to her Brothers Like Being Their mother Nash and Naschuu For Fighting All the time Like a mother would Do.


Like All Her Sisters Ruri Selena and Rin Zuzu is the Same Height as All of them and even has the Same Face the only Different is Their Eye Colors and Hair Styles Zuzu eyes are Brown



Zuzu was Born as 1st Child of the Quad Children


  • Zuzu is Like Rin Being a mother to Nash and Nashu when the Two fight and Scolds Them.

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