Williams Wales is Supporting Hero In Hero Emblem II And Leader of The Continental Heroes of England His Hero Ego is Hero Prince And Shining Hero Prince Williams is Also The Prince of Wales And Only Youngest of The Wale Family

Hero EmblemEdit

Roots of EvilEdit

During The Roots of Evil Arc Williams Was the Only Surrivor of the Wales Family After His Family Lifeforce was taken from the roots of Evil He along With Other Engenders assisted Hero Emblem And Escort Him to Big Ben and Help Him Save England Hero Emblem Give Williams a Crystal Who Will Later Become Hero Prince in Hero Emblem II.

Darkforce 5Edit

Williams Later Helps Lionel Escorts Him to Big Ben to Find a Dark Crystal Point After That They Were Able to Stop Sin's Clone And Save Big Ben Williams Books Lionel a Passage Back to Utopia And Says Farwell

Hero Emblem IIEdit


  • Due to Williams Choosing His name as Hero Prince The Press Became Suspicious of Williams Being Hero Prince

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