Valoin Muse is The Main Hero of Musical Heroes♪ He enjoys Music and enjoys playing the Piano and Violin and Flute When he was young he played his flute in the Forest that attracted the attention of a Musical Note Since then he had it His Hero Ego is Hero Mistrial Valoin Also Appears on Screen on Hero Emblem Tv Series Episodes as a Guest Hero And Also Appears in The Hero Emblem All Stars After DX3,

Musical Heroes♪Edit

Meeting Hobins and Finding Musical NotesEdit

Valoin Met Hobins in a Forest Where both share the love For Musical Valoin Played The Flute and Hobins Played The Violin that attracted Two Musical Notes Since then they became Friends and grew up together attending Musical Academy Valoin and Hobins Are Present During The Roots of The Mejin Tree Arc When Their Town becomes Cover in Roots Both Were Protected By The Magic of The Notes Five Years Later During The Mugen School Both Were Visors Along With Tunics and Eric (Both From Defender Heroes) All Four were not Affected By Efan's Dark Magic

Meeting Silent and Becoming HeroesEdit

Two Years After Valoin and Hobins begin to Fight and End Their Friendship After not meeting After School.


  • Hero Mistrial's Colors are Light and Pink Blue Despite His Symbol is Blue And Dark Blue
  • Valoin is The First Main Hero Out of The Spin offs to Be Good at Sports amd Homework unlike Previous Hero Cast.
  • Valoin's Birthday is April 25th 1993


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