Uttar Pradesh is a Capital of Indiana and Location in Hero Emblem Hero
India in HE

Taj Mahal of Uttar

During The Roots of Evil Arc and DarkForce 5 Arc Hero Sapphire For The Roots Arc And Hero Garnet Came Here During The Darkforce 5 Arc

Hero EmblemEdit

Roots of Evil ArcEdit

During The Doom's Tree Arc The Doom Tree Spread his Roots across The World the Roots Reached Uttar and Planted its Roots Around Taj Mahal Hero Sapphire Came to Uttar to Stop it Sapphire also Met Two Boys That Survived The Roots Drain Those Two Boys Later Become The (WonderfulNet Heroes) Hero Sapphire Was able to Destroy The Great Root at Taj Mahal.

DarkForce5 ArcEdit

After The Darkforece 5 Planted Dark Points Across The World This Time Hero Garnet Joins Hero Emblem For This Arc Hero Garnet Returns to Uttar taking Sapphire's Place while Hero Sapphire Went to Singapore Hero Garnet Face off Against Ginger Thanks to The Two Future Wonderful Net Heroes The Dark Point is Destroyed.

Hero Emblem IIEdit

Two Boys Name Know as The Wonderful Net Heroes Are Seen Defeating a Terrible in Front of Taj Mahal And Saved The Mayor And Are Greeted By Fans in Episode 008 of Hero Emblem II International Heroes Arc Lionel Travel to Uttar to Me Uttair Mahaju and Pradesh Tajj Aka the Wonderful Net Heroes During The Phantom Kingdom Arc Uttar was Targed By King Phantom's Knights The Two Are Seen fighting Only Uttair Was Seen Among The International Heroes in Hero Emblem II Episode 46 Both Return Fighting Red's Knight With Taj Mahal Being The Battleground With Everyone Sealed inside mirrors Thanks to Hero Emblem II's Power The Wonderful Net Heroes Gain Their Shining Forms and Send Their Powers to Hero Emblem II During His Final Battle With Red Who Turns Out to be Lionel's Hatred.


  • Both Uttair and Pradesh Have almost the same names as their Homecountry
  • The Wonderful Net Heroes Colors Are Based on Their Flag Green and Orange.

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