Utopia Know as Hope is a City And Setting in The Hero Emblem Franchise is The Home to all The Heroes And Where Many Events of Hero Emblem Takes Place Utopia is Based on New York City Region Utopia Means Clean and Rich While in The Original its Called Hope And The City Logo is A City With Hope and The Future Utopia is Known as Utopic City


Future UtopicEdit

Utopic is The Future City of Utopia The City Was Destroyed By the Invasion Forces of DarkForce5 The Heroes Were Defeated And Lua was Send to The Past to Find Hero Emblem Know Utopic Places are Known in The Future City.


  • Since the Start of Hero Emblem Many Events in The City have Occur For Their Battles Everywhere Utopia Haas Been Explored
  • Only Utopic Tower Was Upgrade to High Tech Version in The Future.

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