The Five Bracelets Were Five Bracelets on Sera That Had Mystic Abilities Were Own By Five Girls in The GoW Series Each Bracelet Respects The Colors Shape The Bracelets Can Also Switch Modes All Five Were Own By Each Member of The Cog Soldiers With Valarie Bracelet Being Taken By Merag Afeer RAAM Killed Her and Merag Takes Her Bracelet as a Memoto.


Each Bracelet Has an Ability to Teleport Away or Teleport Someone away The Bracelet can Also Create a Bubble Shied Each Bracelet Shines Bright and creates a Sound Not Only The Bracelet Can Also Act as a Blinking Signal Sign of the Other Bracelet Holder The Five Bracelets Said if All Five Came Together a Miracle Can Be Brought Together

Mana FenixEdit

Manas Bracelet

Mana's Bracelet

Mana's Bracelet is Item Own By Her given to Her by Her Mother Passed Down By The Fenix Family The Bracelet Has a Pink Jewel Set in it And Has Four Long Silver Bends The Bracelet can Also Be Folded its Ability Teleportion and Creates a Bubble shield and Shines to Blind All Enemies.

Onwer: Mana Fenix Elaine Fenix (Originally)

Rin ScottEdit

Rins Braceleto

Rin's Bracelet

Rin Scott's Bracelet is Item Own By Her given to Her by her Father Passed Down By the Scott Family The Bracelet is a Large Silver thick Bends With a Green Gem Stone Set in it The abilities Allow Rin to Perform a Tuning able to Create Tech Items

Owner: Rin Scott Unamed Mother (Originally)

Marin San DiegoEdit

Serenas Braceleto

Marin San Diego's Bracelet

Marin San Diego's Bracelet is Item Own By Marin Passed Down By The San Diego Family The Bracelet can Heal Anyone Marin touches This bracelet is the Healing Method.

Owner: Marin San Diego Unnamed Mother (Originally)

Varlie (Originally) MegagEdit

Varlie Bracelet

Merag's Bracelet

Varlies Bracelet was The Forth Bracelet Own By Varline Currently this is Only Known Bracelet not Yet to Activate its powers or Abilities it Originally Belong to Varlie Before She was killed by RAAM and Merag Takes it And now owns it.

Owner: Merag (Stolen) Varlie (Originally) Unnamed Mother (Originally)

Unknown 5 BraceletEdit

Ths Bracelet is Missing and its Unknown Who May Has it The Bracelet is Still Unknown or unsee and Does not Belong to Anyone.

Owner: Unknown


  • Its Implied That the Last Bracelet is a Blue Gem Set As The Legendary Satures in The Cog Graveyard Shows Five Figures However the Last Bracelet holder Satue is Destoyred and Only a Blue Color is Seen
  • Its Either unknown Why The Red Bracelet Has not Yet Activate its ability


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