The City
Arc V View of City at night
Zone map
Zone map
Vital statistics
Type Contested
Level 1-5
Location Sera
Inhabitants Locust Horde Humanoid Locust

The City is a New City Build it by Nasch's Power This Entire City is Home to Nasch's Children Training and Learning about Their Density as Lancers The City is Divided in to Two Sections The Tops That Belong to Nasch's Children That Finish The Academy and Gained High Rank Levels While The Bottom is Those who are newborn and Learning Nasch's Palace is Located in Center of The City


The City is Connected With Nasch's Other Cities Belong to His 13th Children Raised from The Rank of a Soldier to Locust Emperor Each of Their Own City is Connected to Each Other By Traveling By Muleteers or Ravers All Cities Are Far From a part in Each Colonial


Every Locust Enrolls in Academe's to Learn The Basics and Way of The Weapon and Must Choose Between a Soldier Rank Between Lancer Shotgun Sniper or Pistol Summoning Class has Been Introduced

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