Silver Beast-Eyes is Louis/Nasch's Fused Hallowed Creature Fused With a Mutuale and A Silverback This is One of The Few Cog's First Good Hallowed Creatures it Wears Armor Similar to The Silver Back With The Cog Symbol The Silver Beast Eyes is Killed after Adam's Weapon Effects Killing it

Fuse MaterialEdit

Mutale A Hallowed Creature that can be ridden By a Frag or Lancer Locust Solider Since it Fused With the Silver Back Two Individuals Can Ride it as Well


  • Louis/Nasch
  • Mana Fenix
  • Darnell San Diego
  • Denjim Carmine
  • Vector Hofferman
  • Scott Prescott
  • Alpha Stuod
  • Micthelle Haywood
  • Two Random Locust Soilders (Later killed By Braid)


  • The Creature Attains His Eyes But in Blue Color


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