Shield Ring is a Powerful Ring Device Created by Louis Samott it Shields The Weared From Any Attack From Any Locust Weapons including The Boomer's Explosive Attacks And Frags The Rings were Created fore Team Metal Force Each Ring has the Symbol of a Shield The Weared is safe from Poison and The Fail Attack from The Mauler However the shield wearer can still be stunned badly from some attacks and cannot be picked up by a Retro Lancer when a Standard Locust Tries the shield sends a shock wave blowing the attacker back the shielder falls to the ground

Know Wearers Edit

  • Louis Samott
  • Lyra Samott
  • Mana Fenix
  • Darnell San Diego
  • Scott Prescott
  • Vector Hofferman
  • Michele Wallams
  • Denjim Carmine
  • Dumoh Locust (Stolen From Vector)

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