Salam Lout is A Cog Soldier in Gears of War And One of The Few Soldiers to Know The Existence of The Locust Horde Salam is The One Responsible for The Deaths of Presumed Nasch and Merag In Shock He Learns Nasch and Merag Counting living as Louis and Lyra Samott in Horror He Killed Hiself in Front of Louis Who was Approaching Him

Before E-DayEdit

Prior Before Gears of War Salam Was among the Soldiers to Escort Adam Prescott and Hoffman and Few Scienets to The Locust Stronghold to Solve The Problems of Lambent Infection Salam Met All of The Locust Emperors in to Dismay to see the queen and the twins that looks like Human to Him Salam came across the Emperors and learns the Human race is running out of time

Meeting Nasch and MeragEdit

Salam Meets Nasch and Merag Shocked and asked why they look like Human to Nasch's Dismay He Punches Salam and Kicks him in the chest and Yells at Him Never Call Ne a Fifty Human Your Kind does not Have much Time Before We Declare a Attack on Your Race Salam is Kicked Again This Time Harder in The Chest Salam Laters Returns to The Scientists And Learns The King has Turned in to a Lambent Infection Force to Flee With The Cog The Grieg Yell to Them YOU HUMANS HAVE RUN OF TIME WE LOST EVERYTHING YOUR RACE WILL SUFFER IN THE HANDS OF DEATHS OF THE LOCUST HORDE YOU WILL FALL BE ME

Capturing Merag and ConfrontationEdit

Salam Remains Behind and Find Merag He Confronts Her and Ask Why They want to Kill The Humans in Return Merag slaps Salam saying You Humans Ran Out of The Time We Locust Most of Our People' NY FATHER IS DEAD THE INFECTION IS KNOW AS OUTBREAK YOU HUMANS ARE THE BLAME FOR Salam Knocks Out Merag And Takes Her to The Destroyed Canyon Nasch is Running Around Yelling Merag And Finds Her Being Held By Salam , Salam Turns around and Finds Nasch YOU FIFTY HUMAN WHAT DID YOU DO Merag Regains Concision Salam Says You Two Look Humans Both Become Angry Salam Says Out of My Sigh Human And Trows Merag off The Cliff Nasch Yells Out MERAG!!! And Jumps After Her Salam Leaves And Returns to The Rest of The Cog Soldiers to Prepare For The Emergency Day Attack of The Locust.

Team Silver BulletEdit

Salam is a member of Team Silver Bullet and Charge of Establishing With Team Metal Force Team K Force.

Meeting Louis Samott and Killing HisselfEdit


  • Salam is one of The Few Beings to Know The Existence of The locust


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