Rome is The Capital of Italy During The Roots of Evil Arc and Darkforce 5 Arc Rome is One of The Largest Cities in The World

Hero EmblemEdit

Roots of Evil ArcEdit

After The Doom Tree Spread its Roots The Roots Reach The Spanish Steps instead of Reaching the Colosseum Hero Topaz Face off Against The Root's Monsters Thanks to Boulez and Boyle Shown the Way Hero Topaz Destroy The Roots

Darkforece 5 ArcEdit

Hero Topaz Returns to Rome After a Dark Crystal Point is Planted this Time at The Colosseum Thanks to Boulez and Boyle They were able to Enter the Area at Night Hero Topaz Fought Against Cesar Destroying The Point Boulez and Boyle are Given Hero Crystals From Hero Topaz as a thanks Knowing they will Become The Twin Rome Heroes in Hero Emblem II

Hero Emblem IIEdit

Hero Pantaloni and Hero Estvis Are Defeated During The Italy Festival Are Seen on Hero Weekly As Defeated Heroes.


  • The Spanish Steps is Where The Roots Were Planted instead of The Colosseum in The managa it Was

in The Darkforece 5 Arc The Dark Point was Planted while in Manga The Tree Root was Planted in The Colossuem.

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