Rome is City in The Hero Emblem Universe And Capital of Italy
Rome in HE

Twin Steps in Hero Emblem

Hero Emblem REdit

Rome was one of The Cities to Find a Dark Shard Planted During The Invasion Arc Tachi Came Here and Faced Tiger on Top of the Twin Steps Rome is Later Visted During The Hero Emblem World Tour Arc

Hero Emblem II=Edit

This Time Two Boys Became Heroes in Rome Under The Names Hero Pantalon and Hero Estivn Assign to Protect Rome From The Forces of the Phantom Order of The Red Knights.


  • in Hero Emblem R The Buildings Were All Brown The Lamps Were Dark Blue in Hero Emblem II The Buildings are Ligher Grey and The Lamps

were missing and Palm tress were added it.


  • The Twin Steps is where Hero Topaz Fought Tiger and Now in Hero Emblem its Where pantaloni and Estivin Fought Hero Phantom

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