Rin Locust is Nasch And Mana's Third Daughter Like Rest of Her Siblings Rin is Half Breed Half Human and Half Locust Rin Possess a A Bracelet Given to Her From Her Father


Rin is a Kind Hearted Sister she Scolds Her Brothers For Figthing Like a mother She Cares For Her Family Depsite Knowing Her Father's Side


Rin Height is Same as her mother's Height in Her Teenager Years Her Hair is Foled up like a Poneytai She Wears Light Blue Cloths and a The Bracelet She Got From Her Father She Possess Her Father's Eyes and A Scar Lip.

After The WarEdit

Rin Was Born 9 Months After Serena Was Born She Grew up Rebellious She enjoys listening to Their Parent's Story of The Locust And Human War


  • Rin is The Only Female Out ofSerena,Zuzu and Rurito Possess a Scar Lip Like Her Father
  • Rin is The Only Daughter to Have Her mother's Appearance With Only Possessing Her Father's Eyes and Scar Lip


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