New Prince Albert City often abbreviated as NPAC is a New Formed City Build in a Future Version By Intelligent Corporation
The City

New Prince Albert City

The City is Surround By Moving Road Lanes And Famous Spotlights The City is Divided in to Many Sections New Prince Albert city Has Became 2015's Most Visited City Tourist Vist The City

Shopping DistrictEdit

District CornerstoneEdit

Business DistrictEdit

Where All Banks Car Dealers And Prince Albert Police Along With The Hospital is Located.

Learning DistrictEdit


The Learning District is Where All Schools Learning Centers and SIAST is Headstarts and Elementary Schools the District is Watched By Sector Security an New Group Own By Intelligent Corporation The Collage is Also in This District


Upper Class=Edit

The Tops is the Upper Class in New Prince Albert City Where Residents Live With a Very Upper Class Job Such as Bankers, Casino Employees, Full Time Jobs (Any Place if Kept For More 4 Years) Teachers, Constriction Workers, The Tops Are high Rich Buildings or Houses The Upper class is Own By Intelligent Corporation.

The MiddleEdit

Middle RankEdit

The Normal Rank Class Where Those Who Have Part Time or Causal Jobs All Normal Houses Are Place Over The Normal Class is in The 2nd Section of The City.



Most of Everyone Now Refers The Commons as Slums Those Who Loves on Welfare or Income With No jobs or Has a Causal Jobs The Slums are mistreated By Both middle and Upper Classess.


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