Nash Fenix is The First Son and Twin Brother to Naschuu Locust Nash is Like His Father Being a kind Hearted Son Nash Keeps Getting in to Fight With His Brother Naschuu Who Likes to Wrestle All The Time And Gets Scold By Their Sistrs Ruri , Rin , Selena and Zuzu For Fighting Nash is Given The Golden Key By His Father


Nash is Kind Hearted Son But does not Enjoy When His Brother Fights Him For Fun Nash is Scared of His Father's History of The Locust War and does not like His Locust Side


Nash is Able to Perform Acrobatic Skills and is a Caple of Jumping High Nash is Able to Summon Hallow Creatures to Play With He is Able to Run Fast


Nash is Like Her Father at The Humanoid he able to Morpth to His Father's Locust Form But Stays in The Human Form unlike Naschuu who enjoys his Locuat Form


  • Nasch Dislikes His Father's History And The Locust Bloodline


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