Nasch is The 12th Locust Emperor and Only Male Locust-Humanoid Along With Merag And Queen Mayyah Nasch is The Creator of The
Nasch Shaded

Nasch Shaded in the Cog Files

Locust Technology The Creator of The Mass Destruction Prior Before The Events of Gears of War Nasch Along With Merag Went Missing Prior Before Emergency Day Nasch Identity is Presumed to Be Louis Samott


Nasch is a Tall Individual He Weared The Same Outfit as The Grenadier Locust Only The Armor Top a Skirt Pants Like RAAM and Karn With The Locust Symbol And Weared a Cape along With The Locust Symbol as a Necklace His Appearance is Shadowed Out


Born as The 12th Emperor Along With Merag as Twins Nasch was Born and Rasied Trained as a Soldier Creator of The Locust Technology and The Armor of The Brumak and Reaviers 3 Years Prior Before Emergency Day Nasch and Merag Disappeared For Unknown Reasons.


  • Nasch and Merag are The Two Only Characters not to appear on Screen on The Series besides being mention by the Other Emperors
  • Fans Have Presumed Nasch to Be Louis Due to Him Showing Connection to The Hallow Creatures When a Berserker was about to kill

Heffer and Scott Louis Step in and Spill Blood in her month stopping Her in The Dark Night Louis was able to Command Krylls

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