Just who is he
Nasch Shaded in The files.
Vital statistics
Position Prince of The Locust Rite
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Physical attributes
Height 20 inches
Weight 10 grams

Nasch is The Locust Prince and Brother to Princess Merag Born as Twins to Mayyah Nasch Grew up Wildy Raised By Generals Prior Before The Events of Gears of War Nasch and Merag For Unknown Reason Disappears and are Presumed Dead By Their Mother.


The Shaded File shows Nasch Sitting on His throne He Wears a Long Kirt With Both on Them Has The Locust Symbol He Wears The Locust Emblem He is Builder and Muscle Mass Like the Grenadiers He Wears a Cape and One Shoulder Pad Arm Braces Standard Boots Only His Face is Shaded Along With Merag.


Born as Twins to Mayyah Nasch Grew Up Wildy and Ran With The Hallow Creatures Later After Reaching Teenhood He was Trained By The Generals During The Sinking of The Locust Colonel Nasch And Merag Disappear And Are Presumed Dead According to Salem Elliot He Was The One Responsible For Killing Nasch And Merag.


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