Merag Cog File Shaded
Princess Merag
Vital statistics
Position Princess of The Locust Rite
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Physical attributes
Height 20 inches
Weight 10 grams

Merag is the Locust Princess and Twin Sister to Nasch Born as Twins to Mayyah Merag was Raised by Her Mother While Nasch Acted and Played Wilded as a Child Later Gets Trained by The Locust Generals Like Her Brother She and Nasch Disappeared Prior Before Emergency Day Later Its Reveled She and Nasch Were Killed By Salem Elliot


According to Adam Merag Strongly Resembles Her Mother she Has Tall Golden Blonde Hair Wears a White Dress With The Locust Emblem wear on Her Wirst Arm Bracets and a Golden Crown on Her Forehead Merag also Possess a Bracelet That Lyra Samott Also Possess


Born as Twins to Mayyah Merag was Raised By Her mother While Nasch Was Raised Wildly Later is Trained by The Generals Merag Along With Her Brother were Suppose to Raise a Army to Lead to The Surface However She Disappear along With Her Brother Nasch its Later Reveled Salem Killed Nasch and Merag.

Cog GilesEdit

Nasch and Merag Are Listed in The Cog Files Deceased After Salem killed Them however on onw knows This Besides Him With Only Scott and Vector knowing This


  • Nasch and Merag Are Presumed to Be Reborn on The Surface Under The Names Louis and lyra Samott Due to Their Strong Connection to The Locust.
  • Merag And Lyra Share the Same Voice Actors.


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