Soldier of Mystery
Marcek Armor Otufit
Marcel Fenix
Vital statistics
Position Team Lethal Squad
Age 16
Status Active
Physical attributes
Height 25 inches
Weight 20 grams

Marcel Nasch Fenix is The a Cog Member and The One of The Main Protagonist in Gears of War and Adopted Brother of Marcus Fenix and Mana Fenix Marcel is Actually The 14th Locust Emperor Abandoned By The Locust Family.


Marcel Possess Strange Abilities that allow Him to Heal and Teleport Not Only he ia able t summon Hallow Creatures and Enters a State Called Berserk Mode Willing to Kill Anyone Including his own Teammates Marcel Also Possess The Ability to Bring Back Someone Form The Dead Marcel is Very intelligent Able to Modify The Locust Weapons and Cog weapons.


Born Unexpectedly as The 14th Locust Emperor The Locust Seen Him as a Weakling choose to Be Abandoned and Killed off by The Lake in The Leviathan Adam Finds Him and Toke Him as His 2nd Son and Raised him as a Fenix on The Surface He Grew up With Marcus and Mana Fenix When Marcel Rached the Age 14th Emergency Day Began The Locust Attacks Humanity Placed in The Cog with His Siblings Marcel and Marcus Tired to saved Their Mother when she was killed by Reaivers Blameing Each Other Leading them to Have a Sibling Rivalry.

Gears of WarEdit

Marcel is a Soldier in Training at The Cog in Jincrho City Given his First mission to Eensure Team Beta and Team Alpha Are Ok and Must Reestablish with Both Teams in Hover.

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