Mana's Bracelet is a Silver Jewelry Bracelet Own By Mana Fenix Given to Her By Louis Samott as a Childhood Present Strangely The Bracelet Possess Strange Abilities When ever its in present of a Locust Emperor or General it Teleports Them away or Mana and anyone thats close to her the bracelet is made out of the same Material Same as Lyras Bracelet.


A seemingly innocuous and simple item, it has shown to have an interesting ability. It seems that if any of Locust Emperors or General approach Mana while she is in the presence of another of them or Louis himself including Lyra, the bracelet will warp one of them away, which is usually the one closer to her person. This includes their personal belongings, and anyone or anything they happen to be touching away, including Mana herself. This seems to occur automatically, regardless of the will of any of the people involved, as none of them seem to have any idea of what is happening. However, the bracelet seems to have priorities and will not warp Louis away, even though it chose to warp Dummoh away when Raidur approached her and Zuzu. So far, it seems as though the bracelet only warps away anyone that is physically closest to Mana.

The jewels on the bracelet will blink if Mana approaches Locust Emperor while accompanied by Louis or Lyra. In this case neither are teleported away Since their were far.


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