Lyra Samott is a Cog Member and Member of Team Reinforcement she is aslo the Sister to Louis Samott Its Reveled Lyra Died in a Car Accident Along With is Family Lyra Carries a Silver Bracelet Given to Her By Her Father on Her 7th Birthday its Reveled in End of GoW2 Lyra Did Die With The Soul of The Locust Princess Merag Continuing Her Life After Her Death.


Lyra Samott Height is Same as Her Brother's She Wears a Outfit Similar to Verlaine She Wears Her Father's Bracelet She Sometimes Wears The Cog Helmet Worned By Her Grandmother Who Served The Cog.Lyra Bears a Strong Resemblance to The Locust Queen Due to Her Strong Appearance of Eyes and Face.


Lyra Samott is Very Kindled looking out Louis as a Mother and Scolding Him When he does somthing reckless Like Her Brother Lyra Does not Possess Fear or Regret and is Rather Unaware of Her Personally.


Lyra is Able to Perform Several Back flips without ease and is able to destroy a Computer or Object with a Single Hit she is Able to Transform in to a Berserker The Deadly Female Titan Unfortunately She Loses Her Intelligent and Loses Control and is Blind.



Lyra along With Louis Samott Were Born as Twins to Lucy Samott in Hover Bay Hospital Born and Rasied Lyra Attened Hover High With Her Brother After Their Parents Died in a Car Accident The Samotts Lose Their Home to The Bank On The Day of E-Day Louis and Lyra Were Walking Home With Mana Darnell and Scott and Heffer When The Ground Shook E-Day Occur and Hallow Creatures Emerge From The Ground Forcing The five to Flee to a Cog Station And Are Taken to The Jinchro City After.

Gears of WarEdit

14 Years Have Passed Since Emergency Day Louis and Lyra Trained as Cog Soldiers along With Their Childhood Friends Mana and Darnell However Lyra is Placed in Team Reinforcement much to Louis's Dismay Lyra And Her Team Ends up going to Heavor Bay Close to Havor Bay to Evacuate Survivors and to Reestablish with Team Zeta


  • Lyra Along With Louis Are Not Playable characters in Any of The Gears of War Series unknown Reasons unspecified.

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