Lyra's bracelet is itme owned by Lyra Given to Her By Her Father on Her 7th Birthday The Bracelet is Connected to The Locust
Lyra's bracelet

Lyra's bracelet


It is a thick metallic bracelet that seems to have a slightly larger circumference than Merag's wrist. It has a Crimson gem set in the center of an ornate spiral design that rests over a series of three stacked rings.


Like Her Brother The Bracelet Shines and Teleports Lyra Away from any Locust General or Locust Emperor (including Queen Myyah) unlike Louis's Key She Cannot Summon Any Hallow Creatures or Fuse Them The Bracelet Only Teleports Away The Bracelet can also Teleport any human away if Lyra Feels Shes in Danger When a Cog Solder Tried to Kidnap Her.


  • Merag and Lyra's Bracelets Strongly Resembles


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