Lucifier is The Locust King and Father of the Entire Locust Horde and Married to Queen Mayyah and Father of The 13th Locust Emperors Lucifer Later Dies After Stumbling in to an Infected Lambent Killed By His Own Sons Lucifer Dies With The 13th Colonies began to Sink just before Dying He is Moan By His Humanoid son Nasch in his dying Hands Luchifer Regrets and Accepts His Son Love and Happiness just as a Flash of Light Lucifer disappears in Nasch Arms


Lucifer is defined as Pride of The Deadly Sins Fitting His title as The King of The Horde His Name Also Refers to Lust An other Sin For Sex Could also Explains 14th Children



  • Lucifer is Mention alot in Cog Files and By Some of Locust Emperors
  • Lucifer Appears in The Comics and Stories

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