Lucifer Shadows is a Cog Member and Leader in Team Kalos Lucifer Is a Mysterious Solider With a Mysterious Past His Father and Mother were killed in a Car Accident 15 Years Ago Its Reveled Lucifer is a Adopted Son of Lurge Shadows Lucifer Was Found as aBaby and a Lake After His mother Abandons Him After His Birth its Later Reveled Lucifer is Actually a Humanoid Locust and is The Abandoned Son of Queen Mayyah


Lucifer Wears Blue Cog Armor and His Father's Cog Helmet Wears Arm bracers Strandard Pants and Boots in Gow2 He Loses His Shoulder Pads and Wears Armor Pants and Upgraded Boots in GoW3 He is Same as Clayton Carmine muscle mass and Wears a Tattoo in His Locust Form He is Same as Grenadier Locust Muscle But Pink Tone Skin Possess no Spots or Wartz He Wears The Same Pants and Boots as His First Caual Cog Outfit


Lucifer Means other Name of Satan Means Lucifer as a Locust is Meant to be King His Family's Surname Shadows hints His Family Past in Shadows


Lucifer Possess Amazing Powers able to Bring Back anything to Life He is Shown to Be Very Intelligent able to Modify Any Weapons and Upgrade Them Lucifer Carries a Golden Sword that can Shoot Golden lighting that can Servery Injury or Kill anything The Sword is Later Upgraded to a Golden Shining Sword and can Kill any Locust or Hallow Creature in One Hit Lucifer is Able to Summon Hallow Creatures as Well He can also Enter a State Called Berserk Mode Lucifer is willing to kill anyone including his own teammates.



Lucifer was born to Mayyah Who Abandons her Child With the Leviathan in The Lake Lurge Saved Lucifer and Raised him as his Own under The Name Lucifer Shadows Lucifer Grew up With Mana Fenix and Marcel Fenix and Other Friends in The City When Lucifer Turned 18 on The 14th Day The Ground Shook Open and Hallow Creatures Emerge and E-Day Began Lucifer Trained as a Cog Soldier in Jinchro City And Congratulated to Rank of a Leader.


Lucifer Seprates From His Team in Hover Bay After losing Connection With Team Zeta and Beta Lucifer Meets up With other Members of The Cog.




  • Lucifer is Not Playble in any of the Gears of War Muilt player Games.
  • Lucifer is Shown to Have Acknowledge of His Locust History.


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