Louis Samott was The Original Human In Gears of War That Died in The Car Accident With The Soul of The Locust Emperor Nasch Continue on Living on as Louis Samott After His Death


As a Child Louis Weared a Tux and White Shirt with a Bow He Does not Possess The Golden Key After Dying in a Accident The Key Appears on Him He Had Black Hair With a Blue Streak on His Hair Blue Eyes And Light Tan Skin


Born to Lurge and Lucy Samott As Twins With His sister Lyra Samott Louis Grew up in a Outside Community And Attended School with His Sister Duing the Sinking of The 13th Colonies Louis Family was Involved in Car Accident That Killed Him and his Family with The Souls of Nasch And Merag Continuing Their Lifes After The Lattles Death.


  • Originally Fans Believed Nasch Ended up on The Surface as Amnesia
  • Louis is Never a Playable Characters in any of The Gears of War Matches Along With Lyra.


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