Louis Samott is a Cog Member and Member of Team Metal Force Its Reveled Louis Died in a Car Accident Along With is Family Louis is Deterimind to Protect His Sister Lyra Samott Louis Samott Later Disappears with Lyra After The End of The War


Louis's Hair is Black With Yellow Ombee His Eyes Appear to Be Black With Blue Eyes Louis Wears a Blue Cog Armor With a Blue Helmet Once Wore By His Father Lurge Samott and his Grand Father He Carries a Golden Key Given to Him By His Father Louis Possess a Scar on His Lip Given to Him By The Car Accident in GoW3 Louis Grew Muscle Mass And Gained a Tattto of The Cog And His Name Samott on it


Louis and Lyra Samott were Born to Their Mother Lucy Samott as Twins Since Then Louis always stay by his Sister Side as a Big Brother 7 years Later The Samotts Were Going to to Attend The Cog Award Ceremony on their way the Family was involve a in Car Accident After its Reveled Both Louis and Lyra Passed away with the souls Nasch and Merag Countine Their Lives.

Gears of WarEdit

Louis a Soldier in Traning and His Child Hood Friend Mana Fenix began to train as Soldiers After The Locust Begin to Attack Louis was Separated From His Team He and Darnell Met Team Zeta Prior Before Marcis Being Free From Prsion. The Group Meet Karn An Locust General Louis is Teleported Away From Him Due to His Golden Key Leaving Cog Soldiers to get killed Louis Reunites With Mana but was Horror to learn his sister was held captured aboard a train wanting to rescue her the team heads towards Hover Bay Louis and Lyra's Birthplace and the first City to get Attacked By Locust Louis Begins to Doubt his mission.

Presumed IdentityEdit

Louis Samott is Accused to Be Nasch Due to Him Showing a Strong Connection to The Hallow Creatures Since He can Summon Them and Was Able to Calm Down a Berserker From killing Scott and Heffer


  • Louis's Possess a Golden Key That Similar to Nasch's Key

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