Louis Nasch Samott or Louis Samott is a Cog member and Leader of Team Lethal Quad Louis was Born and Rasied By His Father Lurge Samott while Louis grew up not knowing his mother's face and learns she died giving birth to him according to Prescott Louis Bears no Resemblance to Lurge or Lucy Samott At All its Later Reveled By Scott Louis is The Reincarnation of The 14th Locust Emperor Nasch Who promised to Protect The Human Race its Reveled Louis came From His Father Lust As His Children are based on his Brothers.


Louis Height is Same as All Cog Soldiers He Wears a Blue Helmet worn By His Father and Grandfather Druing The Cog War of 100 Years Louis Later Gains Little Muscle Mass in GoW2 He Carries a Broken Piece of a Golden Key he had Since He was Born The Golden Has His Name Carved on it he does not know where the other piece is Louis Gains more Muscle mass in GOW3 Simlar to Clayton he Loses his Sholder Arms and has bare Arms He Carries a New Weapon He made


Louis Possess Amazing Abilities able to Summon Hallow Creatures Anytime he wants Louis can also Enter a Sate Called Berserk Mode He Loses Control and Becomes Ruthless and kills anyone including His own Teammates Louis Developed A Ability to Bring back anyone from the Dead Fully Restored


Prior Before GoWEdit

Louis was born as Nasch in The 13th Colonies of The Locust Rite by his mother however Nasch was a kinded hearted soldier he would not kill he defended the human race that lead to his Execution Before E-Day

Prior Before E-DayEdit

Louis Was Born to His mother Lucy Samott who Later Dies During His birth He was Born and Raised By His Father Lurge Samottt According to Lurge Louis Grew at a Alarming Rate he stop Ageing at 14 he had to Homeschool Louis Due to Him Growing up to Fast He Develop a Friendship With Mana Fenix and Marcel Fenix And Attemed The Hover Bay Schoo.

Emergency Day=Edit


  • Twitter ACDGCARmine Confirmed Louis is The Reincarnation of Nasch


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