Louis's Golden Key Was a piece of a Broken Key Given to Him By His Father According to Lurge Samott Louis Had
Louis's Broken Key

Louis's Golden key (Note its Red Orb)

That Key Since His Birth as if The Key Follow Him The Key Seems to be Connected to The Locust horde When ever Louis

is Approached by a Locust GENERAL or Locust Emperor The Key Warps Him away to a Safer location as if its a Forbidden encounter for Him to meet with any of them


The Golden Key is Small Key With a Blue Orb When in Berserk mode The orb changes to a Crimson Color The Key is Half Broken in to a Piece with the other half missing for unknown reason


The Golden seesm to have a Effect is Produced a Shied Protecting Anyone thats close to Louis when Locust Emperor Dummoh was From Disant it Created a Shield Protecting Louis Dominic and Marcus Expect For Antony who was outside the shield gets killed By a Random Locust sniper, The golden key warps louis away when any General or Emperor is getting close to him what is amazing if anyone is close to Louis they also get warp away the key shines golden light able to kill any kryll that approached louis or his team Louis also creatured Bracelet for Mana who he gave to her as a child when the two were childhood friends her bracelet warps away any hallow creature or locust The Golden key is consider a Weapon


  • in GoW2 its Reveled That the Queen has a Golden Piece what appears to be the missing part of Louis's key
  • When Louis Enters Berserk Mode his Jewel Orb changes From Blue to Red (Blue=COG) (Red=Locust).


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