London, England is The Capital City of London in Hero Emblem Universe The Heroes Come Here During The Roots of Evil Arc And The Darkforce 5 Arc' London Returns in Hero Emblem II During The Terrible Invasion arc and Dark Density Arc

Hero EmblemEdit

Roots of EvilEdit

After The Doom Tree Spreads His Roots Across The World Hero Emblem Went to England to Destroy The Giant Root and Save England During His Time in London Hero Emblem Came Across a Small Group of Survivors That Later Becomes The Continental Heroes of England After Saving Them Hero Emblem Face Off Against A Dark Root That Grew Thanks to The Continental Force Hero Emblem Was Able to Free England and Return Home Hero Emblem Also Met Philip Wales

Darkforce 5Edit

After The Darkforce Plants Dark Crystal Points Across The World England was one of the Targets Lionel Returns to England to Locate The Dark Crystal Planted With Assistance From The Englanders And Prince Philip to Locate it At The Big Ben Hero Emblem is Able to Perform A New Attack And Defeat Sin's Clone and Destroy The Point

Hero Emblem IIEdit

Big Ben is Seen on Hero Weekly mention By Mike Tv That One of The Continental Heroes of England Have Been Defeated By Hero Phantom and is now sealed inside a mirror Lionel Returns to England During The International Hero Arc Helping The Continental Heroes of England After They begin to Ague after Losing Hero Continental Thanks to Restoring Their Faith they will Save Their Friend During King Phantom's Arc The Heroes of Continental Face off against his Red Terribleness After Hero Continental is saved The Heroes Help Hero Emblem II and His Team After the Lattes were about to lose to Hero Hunter During The Season 2 Finale The Continental Heroes of England Are Fighting Red's Knights With Big Ben Being The Battleground With England in Ruins and Everyone Sealed inside mirrors Thanks to Hero Emblem II Team The Continental Heroes of England Revive Their Shining Forms And Defeat The Phantom Knight And Send Their Powers to Hero Emblem II.


  • Big Ben Had its Red Change its Colors Change During Hero Emblem R and Darkforce 5 From Light Green to Dark Lightest Green in Hero Emblem II it changes to Darker Light Green
  • Big Ben has Been Seen Mostly Every time During Hero Emblem


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