The Locust Siblings are The Biological Children of King Lust and King Nasch During The Timeskip There Are All 107 Locust Children Born All 107 Locust Siblings Are Marked With Numbers on Any Parts of Their Bodies All Have Different Colors of Numbers on Each of Them All Siblings are Named in Numbers in Called Their Names in The Locust Language Only 107 Children Were born

All Children Are All Based on the Each Rank of The former locust Griedner,Sniper,Lancer,Boomer,Kantus,Spotter,Elite,Only Seven Are Based on RAAM And RUUM And 3 is based on KAARN and KAAM


  • Number 1 Alpha

Alpha was the first Soldier to Be born he based on his father nasch and is the Standard Rank of The Drone Race Alpha's Number is Located on His Right arm In Crimson Number 1 His Weapon is The Assault Hammer burst

  • Number 2 BInjun

Binjin is the Second to Be Born he is Based on The Chainsaw Rank His Number is Located on his Left Arm in Dark Blue

  • Number 3 Clann

Clann is the 3rd child Born He is based on the Muscular Locust His Number is located on on Left Chest The Color Light Red His Signature Weapon is The Auto Gasar Gun

  • Number 4 Vector

Vector is The 4th Child Born he is the prince of Torture he wears the same clothing as the torture locust his number is located on his arm in Light Purple color he Carries the Blucher

  • Number 5 Fukkur

Fukkur is The 5th Child of The siblings He Carries The Bulkok Pistal V2 his number is located on His Left arm Side and Color is Green

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