13th Colonies of The Locust RiteACT V Act II Siege of StrongholdA Dream Like Memory Memories of United Kingdom
Alpha LocustAttack on OttawaBerserk Mode
Best Wishes Till We Meet Again!Big BenContinental Heroes of England
Dark DestinyDark Signers ArcDarkness
Dimensional CounterpartsDummohE-Hero Emblem (Manga)
E-Hero Emblem WikiEarl VeraciousEmblem Power!
GOW2 Mana's Storyline Act III Chapter III Dark TimesGears of War:ExecutionGhost of The Future Arc
GilagGo! Hero Emblem IIGolden Key
GongHero EmblemHero Emblem Chronicles
Hero Emblem Episode 001Hero Emblem Episode 005Hero Emblem The Series
Human Sealing TechnologyISIS International AttacksInternational Heroes in Hero Emblem
Invasion of The 13th Colonies of The Locust RiteJungle Locust HordeLionel's House
Locust SiblingsLondon, England United KingdomLouis's Auto Shotgun
Louis's Golden KeyLouis/Nasch's BirthmarkLouis Nasch Samott
Louis SamottLouis Samott (Original)Lucifer Shadows
LucifierLyra's braceletLyra/Merag's Berserker Form
Lyra SamottMana's BraceletMarcel Nasch Fenix
MeragMerag's braceletNasch
Nasch LocustNaschuu LocustNash Fenix
New Albert Prince CityPendulum DimensionRin Locust
RomeRome, ItalyRuby Power!
Ruri FenixSalam LoutSamott's Manor
Selena LocustShahkuluShield Ring
Silver Beast-EyesStandard DimensionSynchron Dimension
Taj MahalTemplate testThe City
The Five BraceletsThe disappearance of NaschUtopia
Uttar Pradesh, IndiaValoin MuseWilliams Wilson Wales
Zuzu Fenix
File:Arc V View of City at night.pngFile:E-Hero Emblem First Vol..pngFile:Ehero Emblem Logo manga 1992.png
File:Emblem Power (Comic).pngFile:Fluid1030.pngFile:Hero Eric Stance (Final).png
File:Hero Pantaloni Profile 1.pngFile:Hero Southern Cross Stance (Final).pngFile:India in HE.png
File:Just who is he.PNGFile:Lionel's house .pngFile:London in HE.png
File:Louis's Broken Key.pngFile:Lyra's bracelet .pngFile:Manas Bracelet.png
File:Manas Bracelet Switch Mode.PNGFile:Marcek Armor Otufit.pngFile:Mark of The Heart.PNG
File:Merag's braceletoo .pngFile:Merag Cog File Shaded.PNGFile:Merci! Hero!.png
File:Nasch Shaded .pngFile:Rins Braceleto.PNGFile:Rome in HE.png
File:Serenas Braceleto.PNGFile:Texas Boomerang Boys Heroes.pngFile:The City.png
File:Varlie Bracelet.PNGFile:Wonderful Net Heroes.png

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