Lionel's House is His Home in Utopia its a Home Where Lionel Lives With His Family Lionel's House is Located
Lionel's house

Lionel's House in East Hill

in East Hill of Utopia He Lives Close to School Despite Being Late For School He is Also Close to The Utopia Shopping District and Utopia Tower is Seen From His Bedroom in The Future His Family Still Lives there,

Know ResidentsEdit

  • Lionel Head
  • Cla Head
  • Rolins Head
  • Joshwa Head
  • Theroin Head
  • Leda Head
  • Cliea Head
  • Rails Head


  • Lionel's Room
  • Living Room
  • Cla And Rolins's Room
  • Joshwa and Theroin's Room
  • Leda's Room
  • Cliea's Room
  • Rail's Room
  • Kitchen
  • Study Room


  • in Manga Lionel's House Was Color Light Blue and Had a Red Bricks For His Perch in The Comic The house is Colored

White and a Few Windows Added in Some Episodes Some Windows are missing Along with The Neighborhood's Houses Changing Colors and Missing Their Windows The Tree Sizes also Changed in Some Episodes.

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