Invasion of The 13th Colonies of The Locust Rite was a invasion of The 13th Locust Emperors Attacking Capitals of The World Turning Them in to Battle Grounds The Government of All Regions and All Military and Air Forces Join Forces to Combat Against The Locust Rite Even it Means Recruiting Random Citizens and Kidnaps Teenagers to Live in Military Camps to be come Lancers


  • 9357,7345 Casualties (Adults,Children,Newborns)
  • Ruins of The Capitals of The World
  • King Philips's Death Steven Harper's Death Various Mayors
  • World War III has Started World in Ruins War Wages on
  • Dubbed as The Pendulum Wars Humans VS Locust
  • Many Teenagers and Male Adults Taken From Their Home and Force to Join The Army of their nations


  • Americans
  • Canadians
  • Chinese
  • Lathins
  • Brazlains
  • Aboriginals
  • Native Americans
  • Others

World Locations Battle GroundsEdit

  • Ottawa,Canada
  • London,England
  • Syndary,Australia
  • Moscow,Russia
  • Rome,Italy
  • Madrid,Spain
  • Tokyo,Japan
  • New York,Manhattan
  • North and South Korea
  • Regina,Saskatchewan
  • Halifax,Canada
  • Berlin,Germany
  • Washington,DC
  • Brazil

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