International Heroes In Hero Emblem Are International Heroes in The Hero Emblem Universe Recruited By Lionel After The Events of Hero Emblem DA! These Heroes Are Assign to Protect Their Country From The Forces of Evil

Texas Boomerang BoysEdit

Texas Boomerang Boys Heroes

Texas Boomerang Heroes

Are Texas United States of America Heroes it Consider Three Heroes Their Theme is The Wild West and Cowboys Their Group Attack is Star Boomerang

Wonderful Net HeroesEdit

Wonderful Net Heroes

Wonderful Net Heroes

Are Hindi Indiana's Heroes it Considers Three Heroes Their Theme is Technology Their Group Attack is Optical Wave

Merci! HeroesEdit

Merci! Hero!
are Paris France Heroes it Considers Three Heroes Based on The France Flag Their Theme is Art And Thank You Their Group Attack is Visceral La Wave

Continental Heroes of EnglandEdit

are London England's Heroes it Considers Five Heroes Their Theme is Royalty and Protection Their Group Attack is Royal Flush

Alo~Ha! HeroesEdit

Are Hawaii's Heroes it Considers Four Heroes Their Theme is Dancing and Surfer Their Attack is Hawaiian Aloha

Egyptian HeroesEdit

Are Egypt's Heroes it Only Considers Three Heroes Their Theme is Dancing Their Attack is Unknown Only Hero Nile is Seen Attacking With Nile Stream

Madrid HeroesEdit

Southern Cross HeroEdit

Hero Southern Cross Stance (Final)

Hero Southern Cross

Hero Southern Cross is the Hero of Sydney of Australia He was Defeated By Hero Phantom and is Now Sealed inside a mirror He is Later Freed From His Mirror After Hero Emblem Defeats The Phantom Kingdom and Saved Hero Phantom Hero Southern Cross Represents The Southern Cross on The Australia Flag


Hero Southern Cross Wears a Standard Black Vest With White Sleeves however his apperanced changed his sleeves are removed he wears a red cloak around his neck a standard belt red color his is Sub Colors He wears a Hero Order Symbol on his Hair With a Wing he wears a short Blue Cape Originally Red in His First Appearance.he also wears White Gloves With Yellow Lines Craved on them He Also Possess a HeroBattleBrace

Russia HeroesEdit

Hero Eric Stance (Final)

Hero Eric's Stance

Hero Eric is The Hero of Moscow Russia He Was Defeated By Hero Phantom and is now sealed inside a mirror he is later freed from his Prison After Hero Emblem Defeats The Phantom Kingdom He Presents The Fasion of Moscow.


Hero Eric Wears The Standard Black Vest And a Green Cloak With Green Sleeves and Wears a HeroBattleBrace a Green Cape Green Earrings His First Appearance He Weared The Standard Black Vest With Sleeves and No HeroBattleBrace.

Italy HeroesEdit

Mexico HeroesEdit

Japan HeroesEdit

40 Heroes of AmericaEdit

Royal Canadian Mountain Police (Heroes)Edit

Unidentified HeroesEdit


  • So Far Only Six International Heroes Have been Shown With Attacks And Speaking Lines And Information while some Were Defeated and Shown on Hero Weekly.
  • France and Hindi Heroes Colors Are Based on Their Homeland's Flags
  • All International Heroes Are Waring Black Vest and HeroBraces


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