Hero Emblem The Series Know as E-Hero Emblem In Japan is an Animated Series Based on Hero Emblem's Life as a Hero The Series Began Airing April 2nd 2013 Airing Two Episodes One on Tuesday and one on Thursday and 1 Back to Back Episodes on Saturday The Animated Series Has Changed The Setting of Hero Emblem's Hometown and All Names They Used as well The Series is Licences in Two Adaptions English Dub in The North America Know as Hero Emblem The Series And The Japaneses Dub in Japan Under The Name E-Hero Emblem Since Hero Emblem is Know as E-Hero Emblem in Japan The Series is Later acquired By Other Languages German,Russian and Pourglas Italy and Spanish Adaptions The Pirlgas used mix versions of Dub and Japaneses Dub. Hero Emblem The Series is The Highest Rank Tv Watching Series it Also Watchable on Youtube Channel The Series Also Spanned Comic and Manag Separated Movie Adaptions are Also Adapted and Reaches High Box Rates The Series Has Spanned 3 Seasons And 3-4 Arcs in Hero Emblem as of 2015. The Series Theme is Justice,Brains,Courage,Strength and Beauty These Five Heroes Represent Their Symbol of Hero Hero Emblem is Followed By Spins off on Other Heroes Entitled Hero Emblem Chronicles telling of Other Heroes.


Hero EmblemEdit

Five Boys Becomes Heroes Assign to Protect Their City of Utopia From The Forces of Darkness From Consuming The World and Protect The Legendary Crystal From Them Join Hero Emblem 5 as they Fight The Forces of The Darkness And Dusk Zones Aided By The Blooming Roses The Heroes Face off against The Dark Knights and The Seeds of Dusk And The Dark Prince Sin,


Hero EmblemEdit

Hero Emblem 5 ArcEdit

The Dark Knights ArcEdit

Three Seeds of Dusk ArcEdit

Light and Darkness ArcEdit

Hero Emblem The Series ReturnsEdit

Doom Tree ArcEdit

Darkforce 5 ArcEdit

To The Future the Past and Present ArcEdit

Dark Mist ArcEdit

Black Water ArcEdit

Hero Emblem XEdit

Heart Attackers ArcEdit

Hero Emblem FilmsEdit

Hero Emblem The MovieEdit

Hero Emblem Another MovieEdit

Hero Emblem The Movie ReturnsEdit

Hero Emblem The Movie Return of The Dark PrinceEdit

The Dark Prince of the Dark Mist and Dark Water Arc Returns this Time He Wishes to Erase Hero Emblem From Existence by using Hero Garnet's Time Garnet He Undos Time and Destory's Hero Emblem's Transformation Item and Turns The Goddess Garcia to a Statue Can The Hero Emblem Be Over....!?

Hero Emblem X MovieEdit

Different Between AdaptionsEdit

  • All Names Are Different Between The English and Japaneses Dub
  • Some Scenes Are Cut From The English Adaption and Edited Scenes
  • All Females That Wear School Uniforms Have Their Skirts Lengthened
  • Death is Alter in The English Dub With Being Send Back to The Darkness
  • The Black Mist and Black Water Arc Has Been Edited and Alter in The English Dub.
  • Religion And Gospel in Hero Emblem Has been Edited and Removed in Some Episodes.

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