A Hero is Born Know as Transformation Behind The Cape E-Hero Emblem is Born! is The 1st Episode in Hero Emblem That Aired in Japan on April 4th 1992 And North America on September 5th 1992


Forces Behind The Shadows Have Attacked Many People and Left Them With No Energy When the Forces of Darkness Awakens A Boy Name Gong Must Find The 5 Heros And Protect Utopia From The Forces of Darkness When Gongs Runs in to Lionel Head His Crystal Reacts to Him is Lionel One of The First Heroes to Be Born to Protect The Future From The Darkness


In a Dream A boy and Girl Are playing in a Garden then The sky Turns Dark Monsters Appear and Dark Knights The Boy is Killed Protecting The Girl Lionel Wakes up seeing its 8:00 AM He is Late For School He Gets Up rushing get thinks why does he keep having that nightmare of those two on his way he runs in to a Boy Name Gong Both Fall on The Gound.

Different Between AdaptionsEdit

  • All Music And Japaneses Names Are Removed
  • Everything is Flipped in The Dubbed Version to Fit The American Style instead of The Japan Style
  • All Characters names are based on the English comic
  • Goma Ripping Out of Melvin's Mom is Cut From The Dub
  • A Boy about to hit Hero Emblem With a Knife is Cut Along With another With a Broken Bottle Thou Hero Emblem Has Cut on his Arm
  • Lionel's Mom Whipping Him With a Belt is Cut From The Dub.
  • Hero T's is not Mention in The Dub and Scenes of Him Are Cut.


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