Hero Emblem Chronicles is a Series of Spin offs it Tells of Other Heroes in The Hero Emblem Universe Each Spin off takes Place During The Events of Hero Emblem Together We Are Heroes Black And White  Takes Place During The Events of Hero Emblem (First Season) The Hero Emblem Chronicles Still Continues in Hero Emblem There Are 15 to Date Hero Emblem Chronicles Heroes Also Appears as Special Guest Heroes on Hero Emblem on Screen Series and the Hero Emblem All Stars Film Franchise

Hero Emblem ChroniclesEdit

Together We Are Heroes Black And WhiteEdit

is The First Spin off to Hero Emblem it Follows Alan Whitehorse and Hamlet Blackstone and Are choose Heroes by The Society of Hero's oath And Come Under The Names Hero Black and Hero White and must Protect Their City Which Hides The Sacred Crown 1 new hero joins in later half thorough the Seeason Aurther Knight Under The Name Shining Knight and Must Stop The Dusk Zone After They want to bring back The Dark Zone Together we Are Heroes Also Appear in Hero Emblem On Screen as Guest Stars

Together We Are Heroes Seasons And Ages, LifeEdit

Four Boys That grew up in their Seasonal Town were All Born on The Day of The Season of the month they all met before at the Sky tree When The Season is Thrown in to Chaos and Time is Affected and Life from trees are taken The Forces of Darkfall and The Onix Knights and Dark Witch Threatens Life The Four Boys Become Heroes and Must Protect The Seasons And Time as Well as Life Join Nipin,Sam,Ash and as This Series

Hero 5Edit

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