Hero Emblem is The First Hero of The 20th Century Nickname The as Boy in the Blue Cape And Emblem Hero Hero Emblem Began to Become World Wide Famous He Forms a Team With Heroes Hero Sapphire Hero Ruby Hero Emerald Hero Topaz From 2000-2005 Their Were Know as Hero Emblem 5 After Hero Crown Hero Diamond Hero Pearl Hero Amethyst Hero Garnet Their Form Hero Emblem X Thou Hero Lunar is Part it makes 11 Due to Hero Emblem's unknown Hometown he is Stated as International Hero


The Boy in the Blue CapeEdit

Hero Emblem First Appeared in 2000 of January During The New York 2000 Countdown in New York Saving Everyone From a Falling Tower He Began to Stop Robbers and Save People From The Burning Homes and Heal The Sickness Hero Emblem Became Inspired By Three Months Later Two New Heros Appear Hero Sapphire and Hero Ruby Formed as Hero Emblem 3 The Trio Became Popular Hero Emblem Is The Leader of The Team

World Trade CenterEdit

Hero Emblem 5 Appears Saving The Twin Towers Only to Allow the Plan to Crash in the Building Lucky Hero Topaz Teleported Everyone on the Top Floor to safety and Removed The Plane thanks to Hero Sapphire Protecting Everyone inside the plane with The Hero's Shield as an 2nd Plane is about to Crash Hero Emblem Inverses but the Plane suffers the same Fate as The 1st Building After Both Planes to The Ground Both Buildings Begin to Collapse The Four Heros Created a Barrier Around the Twin Towers While Hero Emblem Goes inside to save the Fire and Police Squad inside as the Towers begin to Fall Hero Emblem Uses his Full Powers to Protect Everyone After Saving Everyone Hero Emblem Heals Those who were injured by The Attack And The Team Performs Their Speech and Leaves With Everyone Cheering.

Hero Famous 5Edit

The Hero Emblem 5 Has Became Very Famous Across The World Hero Emblem For His Healing Powers and Awesome Ring Action Hero Sapphire Savior of The Burning Forest and House Fires Hero Ruby The Cool and Burning Courage Hero Hero Emerald the Strong Hero of Thunder and Lighting And Hero Topaz The Shining Star Many Comics And Action Figures Have been Made Posters and Critics and Celebrates have Caught Their Attention Hero Emblem Has Also Revive Awards From Many mayors of Many Ciites

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