The Golden Key is a Golden Key Item Given to Louis Samott on His 7th Birthday as a Gift From His Father unware The Key belonged to Nasch The Golden Key is Connected to The locust Like Lyra's bracelet The Golden Key Has Nasch's Name Carved Behind The Key in Locust Kanjin.


The Key is Large Golden With Four Sides With a Crimson Crystal on Top of it Behind The Golden Key is Nasch's Name Carved in on it The Key is Large Attached With a Brown String.


The golden Key is somehow Connected to The Locust Whenever a Locust General or Locust Emperor Including The Queen The Golden Key Shines and Warps Away Louis or anyone else he is Close to as if Louis is Not Allow to Meet Them The Golden key Shines When Ever Louis Enters Berserk Mode And Summons Hallow Creatures And is Able to Fuse Them or Rank Them Up.


  • its Unknown how Nasch got The Golden Key in The First Place or its Origin

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