Go! Hero Emblem II is The 15th Installment in The E Series The Series Celebrates 15th Years of Hero Emblem Since it Began in 2000 The Series Follows Lional and his Friends Attending The University of Regional And The City of Regional And must Protect the Sacred Rings When an evil Organization Know as The Dark Destiny attempts to Find the Rings and Free The Dark Unbound Defeated By A Legendary Hero Name Hero Ring The Series Begin Airing on February 7th 2015


The Heroes Have Been Accepted to The University of Regional The Cross Worlds University International Heroes Also Join in as Supporting Characters When a New Evil Appears Know as The Dark Destiny the Heroes Must Unite And Protect The University Thankfully The International Heroes Have Also Enrolled in The University of Regional Lessons Gentle Strong and Courage


See Hero Emblem Characters Listing


  • The City Setting is Based on Regina of Saskatchewan and The University of Regina

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