Gilag is The 6th Locust Emperor and The Birth father of The Grenader Locust and 1st muscular Locust Following After Gong Born as The 6th Emperor Gilag is the Emperor of the 6th Colonel Prior Before The Sinking of the 13th Colonies


Gilag is a Tall Muscular Locust Emperor he wears Standard clothing no Armor He wears The Emperor Cape the Locust Symbol and He wears a belt With The Later G in The middle Symbolizing His First Letter in Name Gilag He Carries The Gasar Shotgun and Baltok Pistol in Favor.


  • Gilag is Top 6 Favorite Picked Locust Solider in Muiltplayer In which he is the 6th Emepeor
  • According to Gilag Nasch was the One that made him His Belt as a Present.


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