Dark Times is The Third Act and Final Chapter in Act III Team Metal Force Has Reached The Over Pass When They meet a Large Horde of Locust The Team is Force to Scatter and Hide while Scott Pin points The Hammer of Dawn Locations to Take Down a Horde of Hallow Creatures Thanks to Louis's Upgrade on the Hammer When Lyra and Michelle Along With Darnell End Up Meeting a Two Berserkers Lyra Feels a Strong Feeling From Them and Before Michelle and Darnell Lyra Becomes a Berserker Before Their Eyes....!?

Major EventsEdit

  • Team Metal Force Has Reached The Overpass However they end up meeting up with Locust horde and Hallow Creatures and Without Louis
  • Lyra Becomes a Berserker For The First Time and Nearly Kills Darnell and Michelle
  • A Cog Soldier Almost kills Lyra But is Stopped By Scott Thinking Lyra is a Possible Alley
  • Louis Senses Lyra's Pain


  • Louis is Shown to Be Spiritual Connected With His sister Lyra Samott
  • Lyra's Transformation is Parody to Attack on Titan


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