GENERAL LUST is One of Locust Generals Serving Queen Mayyah Lust is The Adopted Father of Maayah;s Son Who She Want to get red of Given The Tusk to Get Rid of The New Born Humanoid Lust wanted to have a prince When He was about to give him to the Leviathan he displayed his ability to summon hallow creatures amaze by his powers Lust Raised Him as a Son and named Nasch when a Cog Team sees him with a child lust is injured with the Leviathan Taken from him Lust spended his years looking for his son Nasch on the surface since.


His name Lust means The Original Sin of The Deadly Sins According to Mayyah she has Seven Generals based on the Sins With Lust being one of them.


lust was born and raised by the locust his skills got his attention by the generals and the fearsome GENERAL RAAM trained Lust Raise from Soldier to Elite and Congratulated to The Rank of a General 7 Years Prior Before E-Day Mayyah gave birth to a Son Who she wanted to get rid of Lust was the only one that knew his Existance given the task he takes him to the Leviathan to get fed when The son display his powers of summoning hallow cretures lust rasied him only for a short time before the Cog Team takes him away Lust survived his wounds lust joins with the others to take out Humility

Search for NaschEdit

Lust spended his time looking for his Son Nasch who was taken to the surface lust spended his time looking for any Cog soldiers with Helmet to see his face if not he kills the cog soldier Lust Kills Team Alpha and Team Beta He Witness Team Delta killing GENERAL RAAM from Distant He Watches as Light Mass missile going towards his Horde one point Lust stop appearin in Future Events of Gears of War


  • Lust is Consider the first Locust to Have a heart looking for someone he care for in that case his Son Nasch.


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