Earl Veracious  is One of The Supporting Heroes in Hero Emblem II And Team Leader of Merci! Heroes Grand Master of The Hero Order of France Earl was The First Boy in France to Become a Hero And Leader Earl Joins in Later in Hero Emblem II Finale to Save The Hero Emblem II Team From Despair after Their Leader Emblem Became Brainwash Merci! Heroes Are Seen Fighting Phantom's Knights By The Eiffel Tower Earl Returns as a Supporting Hero in Go! Hero Emblem II

Thank You EmblemEdit

Earl Appear in Hero Emblem R When The Minjin Tree Roots Begin to Plant Over The World Earl Was Saved By Hero Embelm When Earl Fell of The Eiffel Tower Earl Became Impress to Become a Hero Someday Earl is Among The Population not to get Affected By The Dark Mist and Black Water During The Dark Mist and Black Water Arc

Hero Emblem StarsEdit

Earl Returns Cheering on Hero Emblem During The Galactic Showdown Against Galaxy and Sends Him His Wishes Earl is Later Killed After Galaxy Removes Everyone's Power Crystal on Earth He is Later Revived in End of Hero Emblem Stars Earl is Seen With Two Friends Who Later Becomes His Teammates in Hero Emblem II.

Hero Emblem IIEdit

Earl Comes Across One of Hero Emblem's Shard of the Emblem Crystal And Became Hero Merci (Thank You) and Saved a Group of Tourist From A Phantom Knight Hero Merci is Seen Fighting a Painting Phantom Knight and is Mention Alot on Hero Weekly By Mike Tv.


  • Earl is One of The Most Supporting Characters to Revive Screen Time and Speaking Lines Along Russia Heroes,Wonderful Net Heroes

and Continental Heroes of England,

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