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welcome to The E-Hero Wikia Know as Hero Emblem in The English Adaption This Wikia is a the Database of The E-Hero Emblem Series or Should i Say Hero Emblem Join the Wiki Editing Episodes and Summaries on Characters enjoy play Nice and No Spam -The Hero Order Needs You

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  • it Has Been 3 Years Since End of The English Adaption of Hero Emblem and its 2015 E-Hero Emblem II Has not been English Dubbed Since it Ended its Series Finale September 27,2012 Ending Hero Emblem's English Dub After 4Kids Lost Their Rights to Dub it FunANIMATION Spoke at Anime Con 2014 Saying their Have Requires The Rights to English dub Hero Emblem II However in Uncut and no music Change Besides The Vocals Hero Emblem II is Suspected to Air on FunANIMATION And Nico Alley ,Hulu on January 9,2015 a Promo Hero Emblem II Uploaded on Youtube
  • Go! Hero Emblem! is Set to Air on February 7,2015 as a One Hour Special Go! Hero Emblem! Centers Around Regional University and The City of Regional Lionel and His Friends Now Attend The U of R After Saving Their World However a New Evil Appears Can The Heroes Risk Being Heroes Around the University without Exposing Their Identities and involve innocent people Find Out in Go! Hero Emblem!.
  • The Latest New installment in The Hero All Stars New Story Hits Theaters on March 7,2105 Hero Emblem All Stars New Story: Dances in The Harmony Kingdom Featuring The Heroes From Go! Hero Pinces! Go! Who makes Their Movie Debut.


  • Did You Know Its Common For Every Year Hero Emblem Centers a Episode Based on Various Holidays in The Months up to This Date Hero Emblem is The Only Know Series to Show mnany Holiday Themes
  • Did You know E-Hero Emblem (Manga) Has Gotten its Re-printed Many Times in Better Coloring And lines and Later Becomes a Manga Chapter Later it becomes an Anime Adaption in 1994 And Began Airing in April 2,1994
  • Lionel Head is The Only Know Hero to Not Be Absent in Any Episodes He has Been Present As He is The Protagonist in Hero Emblem

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