E-Hero Emblem First Vol.

E-Hero Volume 1 Issue

E-Hero Emblem is a Series of E-Hero Emblem Mangas Printed in 1992 of April 4th By Lional Rylong It Has Printed 26 Chapters it Follows 5 Boys Who Become Heroes to Defend Their City of Hope (Utopia in The English Version of The Comic) From The Darkness

From Consuming Earth in to Total Darkness And Must Find The Imprimatur Crystal And Defeat The Darkness a 2nd Vol. was Followed E-Hero Emblem Returns That Focus on a New Story Line An Invading Force From The Future Has Destroy Future Hope City and The Heroes Have Been Defeated and Boy From The Future Time Travels to The Present Hope to Find Hero Emblem and Help Him Save His Future These Volumes Were Reprinted as Well in 1995.

Volume 1Edit

Volume 2Edit

Volume 3Edit

Volume 4Edit

Starting With This New Chapters The E-Hero Emblem Drops is Replaced By Hero Emblem E-Hero Emblem is No Longer Mention in Any Future Comic Versions.


  • Both Manga Volumes Have been Reprinted Many Times.
  • Some English Versions Had Edited Versions and English Grammar mistakes.
  • E-Hero Drops From The Tilte in The 4th Volume Being Replace With Hero Emblem Instead.

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