Dimensional Counterparts Are Look a Likes that Represents Each of The Five Dimension Twin Look a likes of Each Dimension (The Pendulum Dimension has Two Look a likes Based on The Scales) Each Look a Like Both Wear a Jeweled Bracelet or a Necklace that Symbolize Their Dimension These Five (Both Lucifer and Nasch have Pendulums so it counts as One) Items are Connected With Five Dimensions Every Cog Has Mistaken Luke and Ruri For Lucifer and Lyra The locust mistake Both Lucifer and Lyra For Nasch and Merag same as Luke and Ruri Lucifer and His Counterparts are drawn to each other for unknown reason.

Mistaken IdentityEdit

  • Lucifer - For Nasch By All Locust,Emperors and Generals
  • Luke - All Cog Teams
  • Lyra - Merag By all Locust Emperors and Generals
  • Ruri - Lyra or Merag by Both Sides
  • Rin - Lion Mistkanns Lyra as Rin
  • Lion - Cog Team and locust

Dimension Count partsEdit


  • all Four are Wearing Necklaces and Bracelets
  • all have Different Hair styles but the same faces and Different Voices
  • All Have Different Personally

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