The Darkness is The Main Antagonist in Hero Emblem And Hero Emblem DA of The 1st ARC The Group Wants to Consume The World in Darkness Lead By The Dark Knights and Dark Army And Their Ruler The Dark King The Darkness Dissolves After Prince Hero Emblem Defeats The Dark King The Darkness Returns in Hero Emblem DA! This Time Lionel Faces The Dark King's Son Sin (DA!).


The Darkness is Located in a Dark World Filled With Despair and Sorrow The Skies Are Dark and Dark Fog is Scatter Everywhere Is Also Where The Heroes Fought The Dark Knights One Last Time in DA! The Darkness Now Lives inside Sin's Mansion While The Dark King Goes in to Resurrection.



  • The Darkforce 5 Has The Word Dark In Their Name Presumes Their Successors.
  • Only Sin and Syria Had Feelings For The Heroes And Both Later Become Lovers End of DA!

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