Dark Signers Arc is The 2nd Arc in Hero Emblem V In This Arc A Group Know as The Dark Movement Appears to Absorb The World in to Darkness and Become The Dark Movement's New World During this Ark The Heroes Are Given Marks From a Red Star Know as The Fire Dragon Given Marks to Combat Against The Dark Signs Field During Battle The Arc is Followed By Ghost of The Future Arc And processed By Red Star Dragon Arc



  • Lionel's Dark Soul Awakens Once Again Since Hero Emblem R The Dark mist And Black Water Arc However both Arcs Were Skipped in The Dub.

Different in AdaptionsEdit

  • Death is Removed in the English Dub instead they are Send to The Another World
  • Blood and cuts on Any Heroes During The Shadow Battle Are Erased in the Death
  • Purple Fog is Added When Someone is Killed and Becomes a Dark Signer or Dark Soldier

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