Continental Heroes of England Are The Heroes of England It Considers Five Heroes The Heroes Names Are Reefer to Europe And the Continental of European Terms Their Sector is E Meaning Sector England Described in Cilan's Database

William Philips Wales/Hero PrinceEdit

  • The Prince of Wales and Youngest Member of The Wale Family who Came Across One of Hero Emblem's Shards He Became The Leader of The Continental Heroes of England Due to Name Being Called Prince His Identity is in Trouble Thanks to Cilan And Lionel The Two Magnate to Protect His Name

Jager Soles/Hero Jaguar Edit

  • An Top Rank Student and Son of A Former military Solider and Commander of a Grandson Jager Become Friends With William And Accepted to Be Hero Jaguar

Johnson Williams/Hero OfficerEdit

  • Son of Former Police Chief Johnson Father Become a Tea Owner Know as Williams Tea shop Johnson become Friends will Williams and Jager After an Shard Came to His Possession He attends The Continental of European High.

Earl Earrlings/Hero BritishEdit

  • An Son of an Elite Soldier Who is Now Retired Earl Becomes an Hero After Being Saved By The Three Continental Heros

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